Dancer Series

“Welcome to Friends of Red Lodge Dancer Series. The back of each card includes information about the art and the significance of the image from a Native American view”.

Title: #231 | “All His Splendor”

The heartbeat of the drum calls forth ancestors deep inside this young man as he prepares to enter the dance arena. Dancing is considered a religious and cultural practice among all tribes and clans….

Title: #284 | “Plains Existence IV”

Traditional male dancers are storytellers acting out a warrior on the trail of a war party, or of hunting an animal. They may even imitate the animal. The dance records the history of tribal victories in battle and the hunt…

Title: #282 | “Fancy Shawl Dancing”

Fancy Shawl dancers are often said to resemble butterflies. The shawl that gives the dance its name a fringed, colorful, often applique’d adaptation of the traditional women’s blanket extends over the length of the dancer’s ‘wingspan’…

Title: #281 | “Inuit Baby”

Children are considered a sacred gift from the Creator. Young ones are always included in ceremonial practices. It is not unusual to see small Native children sleeping soundly during Pow Wows and Ceremonies, as the drumming and singing continue throughout the night. ..

Title: #235 | “Whisper Me”

There is nothing more regal than watching the soft graceful movement of buckskin, fur, fringe and beads. Women’s Buckskin is one of the oldest and most beautiful of the women’s dances…

Title: #256 | “Pow Wow Sisters”

A Pow Wow is a Native American gathering focused on dance, song and family celebration. It celebrates the connections to tradition and spirituality, to the Earth and to one another. It is a social, personal and spiritual gathering of people…

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