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The Red Lodge Transition Center for Women opened in 2017. It provides culturally-focused, gender-responsive programming, substance abuse aftercare, and case management (housing, employment, mentoring, money management), for Native and non-Native women upon return from treatment centers, jails and prison for women returning to Clackamas County. Our holistic model promotes wholesome values, and responsible earth practices.

Women completing treatment programs, or releasing from jails and prisons are frequently faced with the challenge of securing employment, establishing new relationships, re-uniting with children and finding affordable, safe, clean and sober housing… and many have no safety plan and are truly vulnerable. Without physical custody of children, women rarely qualify for homeless shelters, subsidized housing or domestic violence programs.

Our 12 week curriculum consists of the following:

  • Self Awareness and Self Esteem
  • Identity and Values
  • Survival Skills
  • Financial Management
  • Becoming Trauma Informed
  • Reducing Anxiety through Breathing and Self Actualization
  • Healthy Relationships (Domestic Violence)
  • Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
  • How to Set Boundaries
  • Goal Setting and Journaling
  • Women's Wellness
  • Cooking With Chef Laura (healthy eating and cooking)

The Red Lodge Transition Center for Women is located about a mile outside Oregon City, OR.  The house, built in 1975, sits on 2.69 acres with almost 2 acres in mature timber. Wetlands in the winter months create a scenic view from the front of the house. An abundance of blue heron, deer, rabbits, coyotes and other wildlife create a 360 degree visual of country living. We teach organic gardening, non-toxic cleaning alternatives, recycling and reusing practices to all women entering the Red Lodge.

Red Lodge community members are responsible for turning this house into a home for our women and for Myrna, the house manager.  The house is a work in progress. It can accommodate up to 6 women and one house manager.  We cannot expand beyond this number without retro-fitting the septic system, which will require a tremendous amount of time and effort in the  future.  The expansion will eventually include additional living space and two more bathrooms.

The house is comfortably furnished, it is warm and inviting.  Over 4,000 hours of volunteer support time, skilled and unskilled labor, numerous donated materials and volunteer dollars have helped Raise the Red Lodge!  The results are testimony to the power of community volunteering!  We thank each and every one for their support!

If you would like to tour the Red Lodge Transition Center for Women, please contact us!

When we strengthen our women, we strengthen our communities!
Bed Openings at Red Lodge Transition Center

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PIP Comes to the Transition Center!

Positive Indian Parenting (PIP) classes for women began at the Red Lodge Transition Center in January 2018 with 4 women in the class!  The class is offered every Monday, 6:30pm to 8:30pm and women from community and other partner organizations are eligible to participate. PIP was developed by the National Indian Child Welfare Association (NICWA) and revives traditional ways of thinking, imprints holistic values, and provides an opportunity for combining traditional and modern day parenting methods.  It is recognized by the Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS) as an approved parenting program.  PIP Class size is limited to 15 participants and is FREE.

Thank you IBEW Women Helping Women volunteers!

Red Lodge wishes to thank the ladies at the IBEW for returning in January to finish the electrical work. Read More

Help Red Lodge Go Green!

Native American people are natural conservationists and solar power aligns with Red Lodge mission, vision and values. Our traditions teach us to never take more than what we need and to be mindful of the earth. Solar power, new windows, doors, insulation, furnace, heat pump and hybrid hot water heaters can be installed at the Red Lodge Transition Center for Women. These improvements and upgrades will reduce our electric consumption, lower our carbon footprint by up to 90% and save the program thousands of dollars per year! Read More

SRCI contributes to the Women’s
Transition Center

Snake River Correctional Institution in Ontario, Oregon, made a generous donation of new art work completed by the Native American Circle at the prison as well as a cash donation to be used toward insulating the Red Lodge Transition Center for Women.

Oct 2017 Winter Weatherization Fundraiser!

Our October 2017 Salmon Dinner and Art Sale was a huge success! Thank you all for your generous support to help raise funds for a new heat pump for the Red Lodge Transition Center for Women. Read More

Help Sponsor a Woman!

Sponsorships are available to provide support and housing for women returning from treatment, jail and prison. Please consider sponsoring a woman for one day at $25, one week at $150, one month at $450, or for a full 3-month program at $1,100.
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Opportunities For Businesses to Help
Raise the Red Lodge

Businesses can help Raise the Red Lodge! We welcome your donation of building materials specific to the project, a cash donation, or your expertise with putting it all together!
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