Friends of Red Lodge-Individual Cards-Medicine Dance

Friends of Red Lodge-Individual Cards-Medicine Dance


Medicine Dance | #30

Each dance step is a prayer regardless of the type of dance performed. Some dances are very specific as to the type of healing needed and others are done for general wellness, prosperity and spiritual strength.

Name: Kah Chee Chee
Tribe: First Nations Canada
Year Created: 2007
Origin: Two Rivers Correctional Institution
Medium: Graphite on 100lb Vellum paper
Friends of Red Lodge, Native American Prison Art Collection.
Native People Series © Copyright R.L.T.S.

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All cards are printed on high quality card stock and are easy to write on. These cards make great gifts for family or friends. All card sizes are 4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″. Each card has a description on the back referencing the artist, the art or both.