Friends of Red Lodge-Individual Cards-Horse 4 Directions

Friends of Red Lodge-Individual Cards-Horse 4 Directions


#161 Horse 4 Directions
The medicine wheel is an important symbol recognized universally among all tribes. The medicine wheel represents the four races of man, the four sacred directions and the four sacred colors. There are many Native American names for the horse. The Lakota called their horses ‘Sacred Dog’. The horse changed the lives of many tribes, allowing people to travel great distances in just a few hours or days, rather than it taking days or weeks on foot. Horses also assisted in moving entire camps. Warriors proudly painted their war ponies. Horses were considered a valuable commodity, and a man’s wealth was often times equated with how many horses he had acquired. The horse represents power and freedom to many Native Americans.


Artist: Tah Me Wah
Tribe: Burns Paiute
Medium: Colored Pencil
Year Created: 2009
Created at: Two Rivers Correctional Institution

Friends of Red Lodge, Native American Prison Art Collection.
Four Direction Series.


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