Friends of Red Lodge-Individual Cards-Fox and Baby

Friends of Red Lodge-Individual Cards-Fox and Baby


Fox and Baby | #364

To Native Americans, the fox is a spirit animal. Fox symbolism and meanings include cleverness, keenness, slyness, and playfulness. In some Native traditions, fox is the fire-bringer who possesses great healing abilities. Fox is thought to have a strong association with the spirit world. There are many tribal legends about fox. Fox-Woman is a minor animal spirit of the Anishinabe and Cree tribes. She is usually portrayed as a wise elder. Fox-Woman plays an important role in the saga of Ayas, a young hero who she adopts as her grandson and helps to guide through many travels.

Artist: Tadpole
Tribe: Indigenous Brother
Medium: Pastel
Year Created: 2016
Created at: Donated by Snake River Correctional Institution

Friends of Red Lodge, Native American Prison Art Collection. Native People Series © Copyright R.L.T.S.


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