Friends of Red Lodge-Individual Cards-Coastal Longhouse

Friends of Red Lodge-Individual Cards-Coastal Longhouse


#277 Coastal Longhouse


The Coastal Indians in the Pacific Northwest built longhouses. Theirs were built with logs or split-log frame, and covered with split log planks, and sometimes an additional bark cover. Cedar is the preferred lumber. The length of these longhouses is usually 60-100 ft. Usually one doorway faces the shore. Each longhouse contains a number of booths along both sides of the central hallway, separated by wooden containers (akin to modern drawers). Each booth has its own individual hearth and fire. Usually an extended family occupied one longhouse, and cooperated in obtaining food, building canoes, and other daily tasks.

Artist: Daniel Duchscher
Tribe: Unknown
Medium: Colored Pencils on Vellum
Year Created: 2011
Created at: Oregon State Penitentiary
Friends of Red Lodge, Native American Prison Art Collection.
Northwest Coastal Art Series. © Copyright R.L.I.S.


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All cards are printed on high quality card stock and are easy to write on. These cards make great gifts for family or friends. All card sizes are 4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″. Each card has a description on the back referencing the artist, the art or both.

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