Red with Pink Dots

Red with Pink Dots



Made with high quality pre-shrunk cotton, nose wire sewn in place, polypropylene filter material is placed for added protection between cotton layers, additional filter pocket added for more protection, (3-layer cotton, 1-layer filter) reusable and washable.  Comfortable to wear.

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These masks are handmade by our organization and designed by a Registered Nurse for the best protection in a handmade mask.  Native American women working on this project are paid through the proceeds, additional funds are used to support the Women’s Transition Center.  This project teaches entrepreneur business skills and provides financial support to women who otherwise would not have a job during these unprecedented times.  The masks are made with loops for elastic straps which fit behind the neck and head.  The loops allow people to change the elastic if necessary.  Most masks being sold are constructed with the elastic sewn into the fabric which prevents people from replacing the elastic or adjusting it to fit.  These masks fit snuggly around the chin and the nose wire allows for adjustment, helping to create a better fit.

We recommend people hand wash these masks to keep the nose wire from being twisted and bent out of shape.  The dryer wears on the elastic and fabric.  Handwashing, with a medium iron sanitizes the mask and makes them ready to wear!  Care instructions and two pieces of paper filter for the filter pocket are included with each mask.