Mouse Pad – #297 Raven Steals the Sun

Mouse Pad – #297 Raven Steals the Sun


The Raven is a mystical creature known by many tribes as a magician, as well as a story teller. “A great magician stole the sun, the moon, and the stars, from the earth. The people became sick without heat and light, and they were lonely for the stars and the guidance of the moon. Raven was sent to steal back the sun, moon and stars. He turned himself into a baby and tricked the magician into giving them to him, then promptly returned them to the people on earth”. Raven is revered as a strong animal spirit among many tribes, especially tribes within the Pacific Northwest, Alaska and Canada.

Community Artist: Pat Sky – Feather Star Woman
Tribe: Peoria Tribe of Indians of Oklahoma

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Mouse Pad Dimensions are 3/16″ thick by 9 5/16 wide x 7 3/4 Tall.