Mouse Pad – #233 Coastal Raven

Mouse Pad – #233 Coastal Raven


Raven is revered as a strong mystical, magical animal spirit among many tribes, especially tribes within the Pacific Northwest, Alaska and Canada. Raven is known to be a guardian of ceremonial magic and is one of the most powerful totems or symbols of Native American culture.

Raven is a trickster, a shape shifter… There are many Native American legends and stories shared about raven… like the one about Raven the trickster, who ends up stealing the sun, moon and stars from a great magician and returning them to the People… or a creation story about how Raven created man, woman and the world for us to live on.

Artist: Guzman
Tribe: Yaqui / Cherokee

Mouse Pad Dimensions are 3/16″ thick by 9 5/16 wide x 7 3/4 Tall.