Friends of Red Lodge-Original Art-Red Road


Friends of Red Lodge-Original Art-Red Road

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# 000980 Red Road Original  Prison Art*

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The Red Road is a phrase used by many Native American people to describe a way of life. The Red Road represents walking in balance, and for many people it represents living a clean and sober lifestyle. The Red Road requires us to treat ourselves and others with respect and all life with reverence. It requires us to be humble, caring people who contribute to our communities and care for our families. The Red Road leads to introspection and personal growth. It is a spiritual term that represents understanding the human connection to the earth, and sky. The Red Road runs from the south to the north. The Red Road has many lessons for us to learn along the way.

Artist: Ravenwolf-p0

Tribe: Koyukan Athabaskan-Muscogee Creek

Medium: Colored Pencil on 100 lb. Vellum Paper

Year Created: 2006

Created at: Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution

Friends of Red Lodge, Native American Prison Art Collection.

Four Direction Series. © Copyright R.L.T.S. / Ravenwolf


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# 000980 Red Road Original  Prison Art

An Original Work that has been Professionally Matted and Framed with backing and hanging wire.

This is a great piece of art to hang in your home or office!

Your purchases help support our (non-profit) causes for the Native Americans who wish to leave prison life behind and develop a new life in freedom, to learn more click here: Red Lodge Transition Center