Friends of Red Lodge-Matted Prints-Red Bird


Friends of Red Lodge-Matted Prints-Red Bird


Red Bird is a Southern Cheyenne Chief. The artist chose to reproduce one of Edward S. Curtis’ most famous photographs. Edward S. Curtis’ goal was not just to photograph, but to document, as much American Indian (Native American) traditional life as possible before that way of life disappeared. He wrote in the introduction to his first volume in 1907: “The information that is to be gathered … respecting the mode of life of one of the great races of mankind, must be collected at once or the opportunity will be lost.” Curtis made over 10,000 wax cylinder recordings of Indian language and music. He took over 40,000 photographic images from over 80 tribes. He recorded tribal lore and history, and he described traditional foods, housing, garments, recreation, ceremonies, and funeral customs. He wrote biographical sketches of tribal leaders, and his material, in most cases, is the only recorded history.


Artist: Lomboy
Tribe: Grand Ronde
Medium: Graphite Pencil on Vellum Art Paper
Year Created: 2009
Created at: Snake River Correctional

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