Friends of Red Lodge-Large Format Prints-Loon on Water

Friends of Red Lodge-Large Format Prints-Loon on Water


#00361 Loon on Water


The loon is a bird that has captured the imagination of people all over the world. Its mournful songs and expert diving skills have made it a symbol of many things in various cultures. In Native American mythology, the loon plays a significant role as a bringer of good luck, a protector against evil spirits, and even as an Earth-Diver.

Many Native American tribes see the loon as a symbol of fidelity and loyalty. This is because loons mate for life and are often seen swimming and diving together in pairs. The loon’s strong bond with its mate has made it a popular symbol for love and companionship.

Artist: Noke
Tribe: Unknown

Friends of Red Lodge, Native American Prison Art Collection.
© Copyright R.L. T.S. Not duplicatable without express written permission.

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#00361 Loon on Water


High quality Giclee prints ready to mat and frame as you wish.

Average sizes are 23″ in Height by 17″ in Width.

Your purchases help support our (non-profit) causes for the Native Americans who wish to leave prison life behind and develop a new life in freedom, to learn more click here: Red Lodge Transition Center