Friends of Red Lodge-Individual Cards-Miss Traditional

Friends of Red Lodge-Individual Cards-Miss Traditional


#300 Miss Traditional


One of the oldest forms of Native American Women’s Dance is Buckskin. This is a dance of elegance and grace. The movement is smooth and flowing. The ladies wear fine, hand-crafted buckskin dresses, decorated with intricate bead designs. A shawl is carried on the arm and a fan in the opposite hand.


Artist: Tadpole
Tribe: Unknown
Medium: Pastel
Year Created: 2013
Created at: Snake River Correctional Institution
Native American Prison Art Collection.


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All cards are printed on high quality card stock and are easy to write on. These cards make great gifts for family or friends. All card sizes are 4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″. Each card has a description on the back referencing the artist, the art or both.

Your purchases help support our (non-profit) causes for the Native Americans who wish to leave prison life behind and develop a new life in freedom, to learn more click here: Red Lodge Transition Center

Friends of Red Lodge supports environmentally friendly practices throughout the process. Such as, recycled paper to create this card, Envelopes are 100% PCW, Sleeves made from biodegradable material.