Friends of Red Lodge-Individual Cards-Looks Within

Friends of Red Lodge-Individual Cards-Looks Within


#288  Looks Within


“Looks Within” is about introspection and awakening the spirit. “Looks Within” was presented to Red Lodge Transition Services on August 4th, 2012 at the 28th Annual Big Yard Pow Wow by the Lakota Club, behind the Iron Doors of the Oregon State Penitentiary (O.S.P.). The Lakota Club is one of the oldest Activities clubs functioning today behind the massive grey walls that surround this historic correctional facility; a fully functioning city that houses almost 3,000 men.
The Lakota Club holds fundraisers at least twice a year, on behalf of individuals and organizations. In an effort to reduce/prevent incarceration among youth, a speaking panel made up of club members with long prison sentences share their stories, realities, addictions, and wisdom. “This is not about scaring kids straight, it’s about helping our young people make better choices, and encouraging them to grow in their spiritual and cultural practices. It’s about holding ourselves accountable, and giving something meaningful back to our communities”.


Artist: Griggs
Tribe: Cherokee Descendant
Medium: Pastel
Year Created: 2012
Created at: Oregon State Penitentiary

Friends of Red Lodge, Native American Prison Art Collection.
Native People Series


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All cards are printed on high quality card stock and are easy to write on. These cards make great gifts for family or friends. All card sizes are 4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″. Each card has a description on the back referencing the artist, the art or both.

Your purchases help support our (non-profit) causes for the Native Americans who wish to leave prison life behind and develop a new life in freedom, to learn more click here: Red Lodge Transition Center

Friends of Red Lodge supports environmentally friendly practices throughout the process. Such as, recycled paper to create this card, Envelopes are 100% PCW, Sleeves made from biodegradable material. Lets all work together to be good stewards of mother earth.