Help Red Lodge Go Green!

April 2, 2017 Red Lodge

Help Red Lodge Go Green!

The Women’s Transition house was built in 1975 and was purchase ‘As Is’. It sits on 2.69 acres with almost 2 acres in mature timber providing a calm wholesome environment for our women’s program. Ducks, blue heron and other animals are visible from the front view of the house during the winter months as Beaver Creek overflows and becomes a wildlife refuge that is mesmerizing.

This moderately sized single family home is a solid structure with expansion capability. We are in the process of addressing the house modifications needed to sustain 8 to 12 women at a time as well as issues in regard to permits, commercial code and sustainability.

Solar Power is the Answer!

Red lodge is searching for individuals and businesses to match the funding we have available for going green! Your donation will go directly toward this project and it is tax deductible. We acknowledge personally and publicly all donation. If you would like to contribute to Red Lodge sustainability please contact us! Together we can Raise the Red Lodge!

The house is ‘all electric’ and wired for a single family. It was built in 1975 and electrically is outdated for the demands of 10 women.  Addressing energy consumption is at the forefront of sustainability. Red Lodge received recommendations from specialty trades regarding the electric and energy efficiently options for the house. It is imperative that we bring the house up to code and functionality. To serve the optimal number of women at the Center, our energy needs go far beyond a single family home. After discussing all options and requirements, the Board of Directors determined that solar power is our best option!

Solar power aligns with our mission, vision and values. Native American people are natural conservationists. Our traditions teach us to never take more than what we need, and to be mindful of the earth. Solar power, new windows, doors, insulation, furnace, heat pump and hybrid hot water heaters can be installed at the Red Lodge Transition Center for Women. These improvements and upgrades will reduce our electric consumption, lower our carbon footprint by up to 90% and save the program thousands of dollars per year! Please call or email for more information.