Opportunities For Businesses to Help Raise the Red Lodge

November 30, 2016 Red Lodge

Opportunities For Businesses to Help Raise the Red Lodge

If you have a business and would like to join others to Help Raise the Red Lodge, we welcome your donation of building materials specific to the project, a cash donation, or your expertise with putting it all together!  Your name, business or organization will be added to the open house banner. The house was built in 1975 and is purchased ‘As Is’. It’s a solid house with no structural issues but needs renovation including:

  • Room Expansions
  • Additional Kitchen & Bathrooms
  • Larger Living Room Space
  • Skilled Laborers / Materials for Building

Please consider making a monetary donation for the house remodel, a building materials donation, or boots on the ground labor donation. Your donation will be seen, felt and appreciated 365 days a year! Women completing treatment programs, or releasing from jails and prisons are frequently faced with the challenge of securing employment, establishing new relationships, re-uniting with children and finding affordable, safe, clean and sober housing… and many have no safety plan. Without physical custody of children, women rarely qualify for homeless shelters, subsidized housing or domestic violence programs. Your donation will help these truly vulnerable women. When we strengthen our women, we strengthen our community!

Thank you for your support!